Yazan Halwani: artists in the hundreds


…pun intended. Another popular Lebanese graffiti artist is the young Yazan Halwani, who drew the above 100,000 Lebanese Pound bill on a wall near Sodeco in Beirut.

At 22 years old, Halwani is probably the youngest street artist in Beirut. He didn’t start yesterday, however- he’s been at it for 8 years! In his work, known as Calligraffiti, the artist merges Arabic graffiti with Arabic calligraphy, a style which has become increasingly popular.

He often paints Beirut legends. Here, the portrait of renowned Lebanese writer, artist, and poet Gibran Khalil Gibran is incorporated into the hundred lira bill.


Another of his eye-catching pieces is of Ali, a homeless man, otherwise known as “the legend of Bliss Street”.

Yazan Halwani - portrait of ali


Halwani also drew a jaw-dropping portrait of Sabah on the “Heart of Hamra” building, further immortalizing her in the hearts of the Lebanese people.

DSC01641 (14)

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